healthy drink in monsoon

Drink Healthy to Enjoy Full Mood of Monsoon

Monsoon can be a season of enjoyment. But it is also regarded as severe host to a lot of diseases and infections through water. It widely includes jaundice, food poisoning, seasonal fever, typhoid, malaria, cough cold and so on. Moreover, theses diseases mainly hit small kids and old people even elders are not tending to remain away from its ill affects.

Protect yourself against monsoon health issues...

Protect yourself against monsoon health issues…

Let us discuss about some healthy drinks to minimize the chances of getting infections and stay fit all this season.

Protect yourself against dehydration

It is wondrous to know the fact that even in rainy season dehydration can cause health problem. Actually, during the rainy season the sweat takes extra time to evaporate from the body due to the high humidity levels. This again causes problem in releasing heat from the body, so protect yourself against dehydration. Have plenty of fresh plain water.

Have plenty of pure and fresh water to protect yourself against dehydration...

Have plenty of pure and fresh water to protect yourself against dehydration…

Restrict having carbonated water and stop use of soft drinks

Most commonly known as cold drink, the carbonated water must be avoided. The reason behind it is that they reduce minerals levels and interfere with acidic balance in the stomach. Further, it results making the digestive system weak. It is best advised to have plane drinking water rather than having carbonated drinks. Lemon water is best, undoubtedly.

Don't drink soft drink, say no to carbonated water...

Don’t drink soft drink, say no to carbonated water…

Use fresh and boiled water

Old people, kids are subjected to have low immunity level. It is always advisable to drink boiled water every time as the rain brings lots of contamination to water bodies. Boiled water will largely and more effectively work on to detect diseases that are more prone to such infections.

Ginger tea – a good for your health

People who have health conditions like arthritis, cardiovascular problems, and weak lungs are highly level to get infected during the monsoon season. Hence, having ginger tea regularly is being very old and exact remedy to get rid of cough and cold. It must be served to find healthy season of monsoon.

Love ginger and lemon tea in monsoon to stay healthy

Love ginger and lemon tea in monsoon to stay healthy

Take fruit and vegetable juice

Often when it comes changing in season our body could take time response as gets flattered with diseases or illness. Hence, to remain healthy you must follow the habit of drinking fresh juice of both vegetable and fruits. Coconut water, lemon water, orange juice, mixed vegetable juice, sugarcane juice, etc are very beneficial for health in every season whether it is monsoon or summer. But note it that it must be home made not of street stall as they are not hygienic.

take healthy juice to stay healthy in monsoon...

take healthy juice to stay healthy in monsoon…

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